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The new me

Yours Truly

Well, the whole blog is essentially about me but if you want some cold, hard facts in one place here you go.

I’m a mom of five ridiculously awesome little people. Most of them are smarter than I am but I fake it so they haven’t caught on yet. My husband is a rock star. Well, in my mind he’s a rock star because he brings home the bacon and is an all star dad. On any given day Jesus is the gravity that keeps us from flying off Planet Chaos into the dark nothing. So He’s pretty much a rock star too.

We accidentally developed an aversion to institutions so I am a stay at home mom. We
homeschool our kids and are part of a home church network in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. So home is kind of a big deal around here. It’s like a launch pad for life.

When I decide to do something other than be pregnant I really love being outside. Gardening, playing sports, raising chicken… pretty much anything active and outdoors. I also made my adult stage debut a while back which was outrageous good fun.

20160608_172808 (1)

Rockstar Dad

I developed a taste for international travel early in life. I’ve been to Spain, Germany, Ethiopia, Mexico, Trinidad, Haiti and- let’s be honest- Canada doesn’t really count (although I’d love to go back). I trust that future blog post will include the happenings of wandering all over this little planet as a family of seven. Though since I have three under the age of five that might be a ways out.

Until then we’ll keep dancing in the kitchen while I explain molecular structure and how God is so amazing that He cane make a hugerific universe with just atoms (Yes I know that atoms can be broken down into smaller units but String Theory is a little weird). And I’ll keep changing diapers… lots and lots of diapers.




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