Daylight Savings Time and the ABC’s of Sexy


Men taking selfies = not sexy. Its the hard truth. 

It is 8:49 a.m. on the Monday following Daylight Savings Time. I am in the house alone as the Mr. delivers all the children to school which leads me to a couple reflections before delving into the day’s madness.

  1. Daylight Savings Time is evil and whoever came up with it clearly did NOT have children because Every. Single. One. of my children were ridiculously off this morning. Spring Forward looks good because everyone slept till “7:15” but as it turns out it is NOT 7:15 it’s 6:15 and turns out their little bodies aren’t ready for school at 8:30 because it’s actually only 7:30 and…. You see this madness right? Bad idea. Next presidential election this better be one of the major debate points. While others are screaming BUILD THE WALL…this momma will shout “Can we just leave the space-time continuum alone please?!”
  2. Seventeen years of marriage and five children will radically redefine the word sexy for a person. My husband has always been fairly attractive but let me just say I was a little short-sided when I negotiated our marriage agreement. Fortunately my heavenly Father isn’t quite as short-sided and so He gave me the hook-up. Here’s a list of things that now have quite a bit more say in the sexy factor than I would have initially thought.

A. Doing the dishes

B. Enjoying children

C. Being a good listener

D. Not keeping score

E. Understanding weakness  instead of resisting or resenting it (this goes for self and others)

F. The ability to laugh

G. Being supportive of my frame, desires, and giftings

H. Being yourself

I. Praying

J. Not being able to talk about Jesus without crying

K. Doing projects together

L. Goals

M. The ability to readjust goals.

N. Staying engaged as a father

O. Kissing me when I look absolutely ridiculous (which is often)

P. Reading- firstly the scriptures and secondly to our children

Q. Showing care for the people I love

R. Building stuff. (I’m not sexist. In my home I tend to enjoy all the “manly chores” but men who know how to use tools to make something with their hands, even if it’s just a bird feeder. Can’t help it! That’s attractive.)

S. Working a job faithfully.

T. The ability to manage the house so me taking a break doesn’t come back to bite me.

U. Having strong male relationships.

V. Being a learner and a teacher. The ability to absorb and pass on skills, understanding, life-lessons.

W. I’m going to start making these up now because I’m almost to the end of the alphabet. Might as well finish.

X. Cooking supper.

Y. “Don’t worry about cooking babe. We’ll just order Chinese.”

Z. Thank you. Gratitude is always sexy.


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