A pictures worth a thousand words… but I wrote them anyway.


Big shout out to Alexander Fleming for accidentally making penicillin and to the obese American pharmacuetical industry who I innately distrust. I am thoroughly grateful for you today so that I can go on romanticizing my homeopathic idealism and get back to planning my off the grid organic homestead. Here’s to steriods and antibotics that are likely overpriced do to an insane insurance system which is no longer serving people! I toast you!    


Meds Rock. Until they kick in I discovered that this rice cooker (which also makes delicious plain rice for unsettled tummies) is great for keeping water warm while putting compresses on ears for ear infections. LIFE HACK! 


Despite 10 days of awful sickness and being pushed to my emotional limits My Father still found a way to continue my training in identity. Acceptence of my frame, giftings and continually renewing my mind regarding His will to and for me. This includes (within my home in particular) QUEENDOM! To reign is also to serve. It’s to love. It’s to wield greater power and greater consequences. It is to speak, instruct, command, defend, judge, discern and lead. And it means that I get this really cool throne! It’s my Mommy Throne! 


Joy is not optional for a healthy life. It’s not optional for the Christian life. It is the strength defining reality that makes us any good to a lost and dying world. I’m not talking about pleasure in the way we think of pleasure. I’m talking about connecting with Joy! He is a person. He gives us strength. I do not know why but these dumb fish help me connect with Joy. I watch them swim totally other than me. No oxygen, no legs, no weight. They shimmer and shine by doing nothing. I wonder at His creativity and delight in the simplicity of His gifts. Seven little guppies, mediums of Eternal Joy. 


Daniel Tiger’s Words to Live By: “When your sick. Rest is best. Rest is best.” (Always in song form)




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