Love, Romance and Playdough (In Soundbites)

I’ve been trying to be led by joy this year. Joy led me to make seventy-six handmade valentines and six large batches of homemade, scented playdough which were then cut out, stamped and individually packaged.
While I was manically scribbling “Love Never Fails” on pieces of sparkly paper my eleven year old weighed in saying, “Mom, I don’t think Valentines is about THAT kind of love.”
Me: “That is the only kind of love there is.”
Him: “No. What about you and dad?”
Me: “You’re talking about Romance. Romance is not love. It’s a feeling and it comes and goes. The only reason dad and I still have romance is because we first chose love.”
Him: “Oh”
Meanwhile my husband commended me on my hard word and enthusiasm. “I hope the kids appreciate it.” he added.
“They won’t” I replied with a smile. “I’ll be lucky if they even read the note and tomorrow the play-doh will be dried out in the corner of someone’s kitchen.” He looks at me inquisitively but I just keep smiling.
This is how God’s loves us; for the joy of it.
He knows that the vast majority of us will never see the value- will never get the message. But if even one child read my little note and was able to feel the words you are loved– my God… was the twelve containers of cream of tartar ever worth it!!! Yes. I would do it all again for one child to feel loved. And so would He.
The best records account for Valentine as a martyr. His life had nothing to do with romance. There’s not even evidence to suggest he was married. But He found something so worth while. He found something worth living and worth dying for. He found a Love that had lived and died for him, on the chance that maybe, just maybe he would notice.
I hope you find that kind of love today;
For the first time,
Or in a way that feels like the first time,
All over again.
Might Help You Remember – Reckless Love
And Since Romance Has Some Perks Too!  – Some of my favorite love songs. Not all of them but a couple.

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