The New Me

So there I am. Pulling out of the grocery store parking lot with no children. This means my constant internal dialog could go on uninterrupted. Sweet!

In this particular instance I had been having a daydream where I was talking with someone. This is quite a common scenario for yours truly.

Now my frontal lobe kicks in and I start arguing with the daydream: “Yeah, but I don’t talk like that.”

Enter Holy Spirit commentary:  “But you could.”

Retort: “Well yes but that’s not who I am.”

Revelatory question: “It’s not who you are or it’s not who you’ve learned to be?”

Reflective silence.

Spirit Persists:  “What has formed who you ‘are’ up until now.”

Rolodex bad softball coach, family birth order, favorite teachers, x number of bad boyfriends, social rules, religion and an eclectic mix of instantaneous memories and impressions.


Punch line: “Couldn’t you learn to “be” someone new?”

Suddenly, God is standing there… in my mind… looking at me. The only One who has ever and will ever know who I really “am”.

“I could learn from you. You can make me new.”

He smiles.

Left turn signal. I pull in behind a silver crossover and stare in unbelieving laughter.