woman-happiness-sunrise-silhouette-40192.jpegGod is light. He is warmth for the soul. He is the Comforter.

Are you weary today? Are you confused? Are torrents of drudgery and fear swirling around your mind? Is anxiety sitting on your chest; telling your heart when it can and cannot beat?

Draw near. The frozen cold of icy winter thaws with the nearness of the sun. Let Him love you today. All good must come from love. Otherwise we only strive. But Love sets us free. Free from self, free from fear, free from the hold of this life.

Let Him love you today. Don’t try to fix it all. Don’t just look for advice, or tools, or principals to live by. Look for Love. He loves You with a deeper love than you will ever grasp. It’s a penetrating love. It  is a transforming love. He will turn Confusion into Clarity. Fear into Faith. Anxiety into Authority. He will take the weak ones and make them strong. The uncertain and make them brave.

He will take orphans and make them heirs to the throne.

This is the love of God awaiting us each morning. Wrapped each day in new mercies for us to unpack. To behold. It is the wonder of a good God. A humble king. A loving Father.

There is no force on earth or in heaven like the Love of God. It His essence. Nearly a supernatural energy piercing through the dullest gray of our heart- our broken state.

He has made himself available to all, to any. He bids you come. Lay your head on that impossible chest that beats with mercy for the little ones. Let truth and grace be arms that wrap themselves around you. Listen to his heart and feel shake from you all the chains that so easily ensnare.

This is love. This is peace. This is joy. This is strength. This is God, who was, and is and always will be.


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