Quick Thoughts

Thought of the Day: You are not created for good works. (Don’t freak out you. Let me finish)
You were created for good works IN CHRIST JESUS.
The purpose in our creation was not merely works but unity with God. Communion. Fellowship. Intimacy. From which good works spring forth. We do not leave His presence to go do “ministry”. We do good works “IN CHRIST JESUS”. Not just in His name, but in the revelation that He is a God you surrounds and permeates all. And in the fullness of His presence.
Too often we allow the enemy to pit the truths of God against each other instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to form them in us. This verse that speaks of being purposed for works in the context of submersion in God is one that exposes that we like to trend to one part of the verse in neglect of the other. In so doing then enemy gets a foothold in our souls causing us to be lopsided. This taints our understanding of Christ and our expression of Him in the earth.
Today, remember you were created for good works and be sure they begin, continue and end IN CHRIST JESUS! This is His fullness of glory and our fullness of joy.