Where to Turn

Sometimes its very difficult to keep momentum when it’s you that you are following.- Evita



Yep. Every, single, one. 

That song came back to me tonight as I walked out of Target. When you dare to share, dare to bare your soul to the masses as we can so easily do now, I think it’s easy to consciously or subconsciously set yourself up as the authority on something. It doesn’t really matter what topic you choose to weigh in on.

So what happens when you start to suck wind in that area? What happens when you advise all your mom friends to reject guilt, lower standards, have a sense of humor, etc. but tonight it’s just not funny and you’re the crazy, angry mom with little people wondering if anyone is going to be alive when dad walks in the door? What if people call you for advice? Who do you call then?

ANYONE!!!!! Because most of the time we don’t need and expert; we need encouragement.


One of the best. gifts. ever.

Truth be told I’ve been sucking wind for a good four days now. And my husband has been there, my sister has been there, my friends have been there. My unmarried, childless, brother-in-Christ has been there; cheering me on and reminding me that I’m doing better than I think I am. They don’t need to know exactly what it’s like to be at home with five kids all day. They don’t need to have the answers. They love me and that’s good enough. So tonight I listened. I left the house. I hung up the awesome towel that someone (wink-wink) took the time to mail me. I bought a candle and a new box of tea and I made coasters for my new coffee table.

And I got donuts to make up with my children in the morning because LORD knows today wasn’t my finest work! And I feel better. I have enough strength to go back at it tomorrow. Or at least to fend off the blows as they come flying at me.



Sometimes you really have to dig to work out the stuff that seeps out of your heart. And sometimes what you see is what you get. You don’t need to stare at it to understand. You just need a break and and some encouragement. Praying tonight that for whatever need you have there is a tangible voice to encourage you.

Bless you friends. May the Father’s love dwell richly in your hearts. And may you have peace. 


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