God in the Small Things


Look. Look closer. What do you see?

I thought for sure they were cowbirds. It took one grumbling session from my father about cowbirds to ensure that I hated them for the rest of my life. But there, in the snow, those are not cowbirds. They are Robins!

I live on almost an acre and the lots around my house are wooded so I enjoy a reasonable amount of backyard wild life. But not even when the rain has driven out the worms have I ever seen so many Robins in one place. Not this many. Not this close together. And, not in early February!

Yesterday, while I was making that gripe session phone call to my sister (see previous blog) I lamented “I have a feeling I’m just rushing the season. It’s like I’m trying to do spring cleaning two months early.” I’m frustrated because this stage has lasted longer than I want. I want to be able to get stuff done; to have some mobility and some flexibility. But trains with five little cabooses just don’t start up fast or turn on a dime. “I’m just tired” I continued “this phase of life just takes so much energy”.


This Phase Of Life

I do not deserve mercy. I have been blessed beyond what most of the world can only dream and I still get angry, and weary and ungrateful. What is most amazing about Jesus is that He gets it. He knows the struggle. Even though He never gave into it He understands how frail my flesh is and how relentless the struggle is. The daily grind is really that! It tries to grind us down and dull our faith-filled expectation- steal our praise.

So He prays for me. He pleads on my behalf. And I think today the Father answered Him. So maybe to someone else it was just a parking lot of birds. But to me each little orange breast was the Creator’s sign to me “It’s okay. I see you. You’re going to get through this. The winter won’t last forever. I will restore your song.” He cares enough so send a flock of song birds when I don’t deserve it just because He loves me and delights in giving me good gifts. Gifts like hope, and strength, and restoration.

Today I’m just so amazed by that.

The Sound of A Robin


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