No Gift To Bring


Tis The Season

I don’t think in all my life I’ve ever been so tired I passed out mid-conversation while I still had guests. I can no longer say that. The ladies were talking and the men were playing and then… there was no one but the baby I was nursing (sorry friends I love you dearly).

I know Christmas isn’t for one more day but in my house we’ve been celebrating for nearly a week. Family and friends have poured through the door, bread has been broken and gifts exchanged. It’s been great. I love feeding people and I love giving gifts. It feels good.

But what about when I don’t have something to give. 

What if someone walks in with a gigantic box because your hand-me-down microwave hasn’t worked right since you got it and they saved up their monthly allowance to replace it. Or what if a fixed-income auntie stops by on her birthday because the LORD told her to buy your children personalized books that were not in your Christmas budget.

Or what if your friends drive in from out of state to spend the day with you and you’re so tired you fall asleep. But only after unwrapping the very thoughtful gift they brought. Oh! And the gift your other out of state friend sent with them.

Ah! I love gifts but this hurts. Receiving is hard!



The First Gift of Christmas


Getting is not hard. Our flesh demands, stomps, storms, steals. We are ever in a civil war of self-preservation and our flesh man has no trouble at all demanding it’s own. But that’s not receiving. When someone offers a gift; a gift without expectation, a gift that touches the heart, a gift you can’t truly reciprocate… That is a much different thing. That takes humility and humility always stings just a little.

Sometimes, Christmas is lavish. Sometimes we’re surrounded by friends and family and there’s money to spare. Sometimes it’s not so lavish- we are grieving, or sick, or lonely. And sometimes we are just stressed because we burnt the sugar cookies and ruined the “moment”. In whatever situation I found this Christmas Eve reminder relevant..

This God thing isn’t a gift exchange. It’s not a white elephant, or a Secret Santa or anything of the like. It is the One, who should not be giving, giving all to the one who can never repay. Who can not reciprocate. Who can only receive…
And rejoice in the goodness of the Giver.

Deepest blessings to each of you and a very, very, Merry, Christmas.
(An on topic excuse for amazing Christmas music)





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