For all you teens of facebook:


Stop taking selfies!

In fact, put down your phone, walk away from your computer and go change the world! Yeah, that’s right! You! Did someone forget to tell you that you are powerful? Oh, I’m sorry… You are powerful! You can make a difference in this world right here, right now. Some of you are really busy but if you have an hour to pm your bff about that outfit, well dear child- you have an hour to do something else! Here’s the fact of the matter, in four years (or less) everyone you think is old right now is going to magically expect you to be an adult. We’re going to expect you to know how to get along with your coworkers, pick the leader of a nation, pay your bills, not drive and text, and in general, be a good part of the human race. This happens simply because you graduate high-school.

Here’s the other thing… you know how Facebook makes YOU the center of your world… well… That’s a big fat lie. You are a really, really, really, small part of a big world and it doesn’t spin around you. With your 164th selfie this year, it’s probably hard to believe that. So… go find a single mom and babysit for her- regularly! Organize an after-school football league for boys without dads (even if you don’t have a dad). Start a teenage only food-bank and start challenging adults to raise more food/money than you for needy families. Do you realize that you can do that? You don’t have to be stupid, vain, small, bored, disrespectful and useless. It’s a choice.

Today, you can choose to be powerful. But… not if you’re spending all your time putting up a fake face, in a fake world to try to connect with a bunch of other people who are only showing you what they think you want to see. Go be real. Go be awesome and lead others by your example. Then you can post selfies of you changing the world.


But no more than one a week please… it’s still not all about you.



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