Dust to Divine

These words kind of tumbled out last night. Sometimes my life doesn’t flow out in smooth metaphors but more raw, snippets of truth and imagery. I recognize that this might not end up then being as beneficial to the reader as it was to me but perhaps there might still be something in it. I also recognize that some of the words in here aren’t actually real words but felt that I should stay true to the rhythm and phrasing in its unbleached state since that’s sort of the essence of how He has been walking me through my heart lately. So with that… Selah.   


“But what is man, that you are mindful of him?”

Brush the dust off your feet, 

That’s me.

That’s me.

From dust formed,

To dust returned.

Just matter.

What matters?

Only this.

You have set your love on me.

This mystery,

Through history,



Unraveling the lie,

That I am my own,

And in so doing,

Somehow making me more.

Mercy and curses,

Verse upon verses,

The human saga,

Beauty and pain,

Forget and remember,

Forgo and re-render,

Try to make it untrue,

This thing that You do,

Showing us…

We need You. 


How. I. Need.



Scathed and un-phased,

By my lack of etiquette,

Knowing well, 

To be my own God, 

Leaves no cause for worship.

For truly…

I am dust.




Here you breathe on me.

The dust stirs,

The pain blurs,

To beauty,

There You are,

Standing there,

And I am alive.

For all of that need,

For all the speed,

All the frantic rat racing,

All the shameful save-facing,

All the sick and demented,

Turns of a heart-, unrelented.

Rendered Null,

Your supply,

So much greater than my demand.

Swallowed up,

I’m swallowed up,

In a sea,


Oh dear God I’m free.

You found me.

Now I breathe. 

Breath you in,

free of sin,

The consternation that was my damnation,

faded to black, 

Nothing lack, 

Not here, 

Maker and made

Beyond accolade,


Paid in full.

A God without want,

No deprivation,

No segregation,

No deviation from whole.

All consuming, 

All including,

True glory untold,


Human eye,

Cannot behold.



Till unveiled, 

And all pale,

In the glory of One. 


Gloriously undone, 

For the Son,

And we are one.

Hidden in Him, 

Dust no longer,

He has made me divine.


No more words now.

Their frame only limits the praise,

Give way 

To the richer awe of silence.

You are good. 


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