National Sibling Day

It would appear someone has decided to make another holiday that I knew nothing about. Well, until the legions of photo happy people started posting pictures of all their siblings on Facebook. Naturally, I had to join them. And it got me looking… and thinking.


To my seven sisters, and one brother:


I know you didn’t choose me. You didn’t choose if you were older than me or younger than me. You didn’t choose if you’d leave me in your wake or end up in mine. You didn’t really get a say in my genetic make-up or any other one of my attributes. And you still don’t get to choose whether I’m the kind of person you really want to have for a sister or not. So…


If you’ve ever shown me an ounce of kindness,

If you’ve ever called when you thought I might be tired,

If you ever encouraged me to keep writing,

If you ever sent me a card everyday for a month because I was in a really bad way,

If you ever tolerated my rant,

If you ever forgave me for my sins (and they are many),

If you ever told me that I was beautiful,

If you ever trusted me with your heart, your time or your family,

If you ever thought well of me,

If you ever prayed,

If you ever bit your tongue,

If you ever spoke the truth in love,

If you ever thought highly of me,

If you ever believed the best,

I know that was a choice.

Thank you.



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