From Mud to Bud

Random, and somehow rhythmic, the rain fell last night- the first spring rain.

Sun-bleached linens beckoned in earnest as the sweet drops pattered above.

Then… sleep took me.

Spring in the Midwest is divine. The blue skies are ornamented with burst of puffy clouds and fresh air seems to reach the soul. The sun glows in the purest of yellows and for a moment there is not an unhappy face to be found. The robin returns and early dawn echoes the cardinal’s happy song. It’s all so splendid that I forget.

The mud.

Thawing is a messy business. The cloak of snow fades leaving the ground tender and exposed. The dead leaves of last season plague the ill-colored grass and it all turns to mush. How awkward, in those first sweet days, does the mighty oak look; no brilliant red of mature foliage or diamond frost to line its form. And just when the sludge has nearly convinced my winter-wearied soul to retreat back inside…

The bud.

Morning sun now reveals the night rain’s inexplicable magic. A sea of indistinguishable brown suddenly hints of small green shoots. The knobby branch explodes and young blossoms push from each gnarled finger. Subtle yet unyielding life has made its way out of the impressionable murk and behold, something new has begun.


10 thoughts on “From Mud to Bud

  1. Lovely sister! I was just thinking the same thing about those trees, they sure looked out of place yesterday. Today though almost all of them had hints of green on their branches.

  2. I love spring! We have some beautiful blooms on our plum tree, they smell so good. Thank you Roey, I’m ready for your next post so keep ’em coming!

  3. You have an amazing way of putting life’s simple ideas into the treasures of beauty they truly are. God has blessed you with an amazing talent. Although that is not news to anyone who knows you. Missing you, but will be seeing you before we know it.

  4. I would love to get your posts by email so I don’t miss it in the Facebook feed. Can you add an email widget to your blog? If you don’t know how I can show you and it might give you a chance to include all your old followers from your mommy logs that aren’t on Facebook.

  5. Beautiful! Being a Florida girl I don’t have these seasonal transitions quite like you, but reading this made feel like I was there with you. You’re a good storyteller; I love stories that are rythmic and poetic, yet easy to read 🙂

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